This is a story written with
Lynn Dakota about a special date, from two different sides.
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He dipped his hands in the hot water, and splashed his face, before pressing a large lump of shaving foam on in his hands, and smothering his cheeks, and chin with the white foam. Picking up his razor, he looked at the reflection in the mirror, and smiled. What was he doing, his hand that held the razor was slightly shaking, and his heart he could feel thudding like a rap singers base rhythm in his chest.

He started to remove the foam, with deft strokes of the blade, not wanting to nick himself. He laughed again, fancy turning up with little pieces of paper covering razor nicks. But those days had long gone, with modern shaving equipment, and 30 years of shaving under his belt, well on his chin at least.

He finished shaving and washed the foam from his face, looking once more into the mirror. Not bad he thought, not bad, still had that twinkle in his eye, despite all he had gone through, it was still there... just. The hair was fading, and shrinking, he smiled, shrinking, well it was going any way.

He walked back into his room, and started to dress, not sure exactly what to ware, it was a long time since he had felt like this. His stomach seemed full of little butterflies, and his palms almost felt like they were sweating.

"Grow UP!!!" he said out loud, "you are in your 40's and yet behaving like a teenager"

He turned on some music and moved round the room, getting ready thoughts to what was to happen that night.

It had been many years since his wife had died, leaving him a broken shell of a man. He had gone through the motions each day, the waking and living. Only sleep bringing him respite, from the memories that filled his mind.

That had been over three years ago, and he had thought things would never change, the rest of his life being spent living in the dark, living alone. That was until the day he went to deposit the days taking at First Federal and Loan, the day he had first met her.

Then one day he had met her, she had just smiled at him, and something seemed to set a spark in the darkness that for years had lurked there. That spark had grown and grown, each day he had made any excuse he could to go to the bank. Her smile made his day, and he found himself rushing to get to her queue, to see her, to hear her voice. One day she seemed to have grown cold on him, his heart almost broke, and he did not know how he could go on once again if she was not there for him.

He plucked up courage, mainly from desperation, and asked her why the change, she told him, that it was because of his wife, something he had mentioned must have triggered the thoughts of in her head. He quickly explained about his wife being dead, and as he did, like a cover being removed from a light so the light of her smile glowed into his day From that ember to bright beacon it filled his heart, until he had finally asked her out on a date..

A date!, even the word sound strange, like "going steady", something from his teen years. Yet here he was all in panic, trying to work out what to ware, do say, everything just like he was young again.

Finally he was ready, he stopped and looked in the mirror as was about to leave. Not bad, he thought, not bad at all.


He’d finally asked her out on a date. For weeks they had been kidding each other. Laughing and acting like teenagers, anxious to see each other each week. She was a bank teller at the First Federal And Loan. He would come in every week, made a point of hitting her window. At first, it was because she was so fast. People knew and would “always” go to her window. Then it seemed it was because, she smiled and seemed to genuinely like him. They seem to have lots of things in common. He liked to joke around and she liked to laugh! He would always smell so nice when he came in, and she so enjoyed his cologne. He was always such a gentleman and seemed so shy. One day he mentioned his wife, throwing her for a lope. She was under the impression he was single. After that she didn’t laugh as hard or look him in the eyes when he approached her window.

She was really starting to like him and didn’t want to be hurt. Lord knows she had been deceived enough in her life. She had been married once herself, had a eleven year old son, Jonathon. One day as he approached her, he said, “You sure are looking beautiful today,” she smiled but turned away and ignored him. He looked rather hurt and piped up, “Was it something I said?” She said. “No, why do you ask that?” “Because usually when I give a compliment, the person is happy!?” “Well, I am sorry, I just wouldn’t want your wife angry with me!”

“Oh,” he stepped back, “Well no worries there, love!” “My wife is no longer with me, she died three years ago.” This time it was her that was feeling bad. “I…I.. I’m soooo sorry, you just mentioned your wife a week ago and I thought.” Blushing, she looked at the floor. “Oh..I’m sorry, love I still tend to talk about her, she was the love of my life…but she is gone now and I must move on.” “Though it is hard.” She smiled. It was then that he asked her, “So to make amends for “both our misunderstandings” would you consider, maybe dinner and a movie this Friday night?” “I mean if you are free and I might add, single!?” She laughed and so did he. She was excited, and slowly agreed to go out with him, while trying to seem calm and cool. “ We can’t have misunderstandings when we get along so famously, now can we, she added.” “Let me check with my son, and then see if I can get someone to watch him.” “Can I let you know tomorrow?” With this new additional information, her having a son, he started to really laugh out loud! “I guess, I was assuming you were childless, too!” “Divorced, one child, a son named Jonathon,” she quicky offered. With that he smiled, took down her phone number and agreed to call her the next day, at five. She called her mother, the minute he left the bank and asked her, to watch Jonathon.

Lynn Dakota


Barry Eva and Lynn Dakota 2002