This is a story written with
Lynn Dakota about a special date, from two different sides.
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He got into his car, and started driving to where she lived, he had already taken a while to find the directions on the map, and thought he knew exactly where to go.

Her name he had found that first time, was Mary, she lived with her Mother and her son Jonathon. It had taken a lot to finally make that first call to her to ask her out, he had told her he would phone at 5 the next Friday, and several times had lifted the phone to make that first call. Each time half way through the number putting the phone down, either to stop his heart from beating so fast or to try and think just what he was going to say.

It had been so, so long since he had done anything like this, since a date of all things. He knew enough about her, to know she had not had a good marriage, and was sure there was a lot under the surface that was still unsaid.

He drove along his mind going back to the final time he had actually managed to dial the number. She had answered, and for some reason, just the sound of hearing her soft "Hello" had send his heart beating faster than it had for many a year. She had asked him how he was, so prim, so proper, but he could feel she was as nervous as he was.

Her tried to make her feel better "So" he said "Could this very shy, very nervous man, take a beautiful woman out to a movie and dinner?" he heard her laugh and immediately felt better about the whole call. She replied that she would love to go, and his heart skipped as he burst out "Wonderful" perhaps rather to loud. They had arranged to meet the following Friday night, and all week he had planned on what to do and say. He was so nervous, and yet thrilled as well.

As he put the phone down, a few moment’s of doubt flitted through his mind, so memories of what had gone before, and the brief feeling of, well of fright, came to him. "Enough" he said to himself, this was not in the past it was now, and it could be a new beginning.

He started to dream of her, think about her, and from various friends and contacts learn a little about her. But, he thought that was yet to come, that was the growing part, tonight, this was the first date.

He turned into her road almost without knowing, and stopped outside a small yet very pretty house, like her he thought, just like her.

Checking himself once more before leaving the car, he slowly made his way up the front path, and rang the doorbell.


Mother agreed to stay with Jonathon. Mary was so excited, she could hardly contain herself, while speaking of the date to her mother. Mom was an old-fashioned lady and she was very upset, when Mary could not make her marriage work. Thing was, Mary chose not to tell her mother of all the nights David would come home drunk and assault her and then pass out on the couch till daylight. She never wanted anyone to know how he would spend his paychecks on, booze and women. Mary was proud and she was never one to tell her troubles to anyone.

Mary anxiously awaited the call, but told herself she needed to let the phone ring, at least three times, so as not to appear too anxious. When it finally rang at 5:10, Mary was beside herself, thinking he had changed his mind! “Hello?” she answered slowly. “Hello, there, and how are you this evening?” he chimed. “I am very well, thank you.” “So, could this very shy, very nervous man take a beautiful woman out to a movie and dinner, then?” he asked. “Why, this woman would be very pleased to accompany you sir.” She answered, with a smile. “Wonderful!!!” he laughed back a little too loudly. They agreed to go out on Friday night. He was going to pick her up at seven sharp and then after dinner go to a movie, of her choice. Mary beamed from ear to ear and then remembered how long it had been, since she had dated!!! “What am I suppose to wear at my age on a date?” she asked her friends at work. “Well” said one lady, ten years younger than Mary. “It really hasn’t changed much, just wear casual clean clothes and do not worry about it.” Mary started to run down, in her mind what she had in her closet, and decided she better go shopping before Friday.

By the time Friday arrived, Mary had picked out a nice outfit and a pair of shoes to go with it. Not too sexy, and just the right outfit to flatter her still girlish figure. She was pleased. Mother just looked at her and frowned. Jonathon said, “Wow mom, your hot!” Mary was so happy and so excited her feet barely touched the ground! By six o’clock

She was ready and had an hour to pace the floor. Finally at seven sharp, the doorbell rang!

Lynn Dakota


Barry Eva and Lynn Dakota 2002