This is a story written with
Lynn Dakota about a special date, from two different sides.
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The door opened, and there she was, the hallway light surrounding her like a golden hello, lighting her profile, so his body at once knew what it wanted. Her eyes and her whole face smiled at him, as he took her hand to walk her to the car. As the door to the house closed he heard a young voice say "Behave yourself Mum" and feint laughter followed them down the path. As they walked he felt her hand fit in his like it had been there for a million years. It felt so right.

He opened the door for her and as she went into the car the soft scent of her perfume filled his senses, as she was already filling his heart.

They had talked in the week, and decided that for this first date they would just go for a meal. But what to do? where to go?

He had thought about it, all week sorting out exactly what would be right for this date. At last he found a small restaurant, just far enough out of the town to me classed as country, yet still near enough for the quality of town food.

They entered through a small door, and were at once whisked back to a by gone age. Soft candle light lit the room, casting shadows, over the area. Gentle music played through hidden speakers, and a gentle hum of talk whispered among the hidden nooks where dinners ate, talked and fell in love. A small gasp came from her, and he looked to see pure joy on her face, knowing that he had chosen right, and her hand grasped his even tighter.

They were shown to a small table lit by a single candle, the menu looked as good as the room, and they laughed together just imagining how much they would like to eat, reading the dishes to each other and almost savoring the food from the description. As they finally made up their minds and ordered the food, the waiter gave her a small rose, and he could swear a tear appeared in the corner of her eye.

They are, and talked and he found it was so easy to be with her, to talk to her, the initial reluctance turned to complete understanding and he found himself telling her all the deep inner feeling he had kept bottled up these past years.

The lights of a million flickering candles, sparkled in the night, the taste of the food, the feel, the mode, everything was just so right.

As they sipped the final drops of the wine, content with the meal, and the company, he suddenly realised that he was falling in love.


As she opened the door, her heart was causing butterflies in her stomach.

Yet, she was so excited, she couldnít help but smile. He was so handsome she could hardly believe her eyes! He was all dressed up and looked so young! Maryís Mum and Jonathan were standing there, but she made them leave the room so he wouldnít feel embarrassed or self conscious.

She wanted to make this a relaxed, first date and if it went any further after that she would introduce him to her family. As they walked down the sidewalk he reached for her hand and she gently placed it in his. It was such a sweet jester she didnít mind one bit. Earlier that week he had called and asked if maybe dinner and a movie would be a bit much for the first date, and Mary had to agree. She too, was afraid she would run out of things to say to him and maybe that was a safer bet. So, they decided on just dinner and then see what happened.

They had decided on a small lodge restaurant on the outskirts of town. It was known for itís charm and itís delicious old style cooking. (Though neither thought they would be able to eat, they were so nervous!)

The dining room was lit by one single candle at each table and there was a wonderful old fireplace with an old kettle hanging. In the kettle was simmering a beautiful aroma of wild flowers slowly cooking, for a light fragrance of old country spring. Mary thought he had made a wonderful choice. They were seated at a small table with one of the candles on it and given menus. Mary was so amazed with all the choices on the menu, she was in heaven. He too, loved just reading the way the foods were described and how wonderful it all sounded, that he read each item to her out loud. They joked and laughed and teased each other, as though they had known each other forever! Finally the waiter came to take their order, giving Mary a small sweetheart rose. She was so flattered and pleased, her eyes began to water and she thought she might cry. Though she managed to hide it well, (she thought) and wiped it away before he noticed.

Though out the meal, they laughed and talked, shared stories of their lives and Mary found herself telling him things, she had never told anyone before, not even her mother. When she had finished, he too seem to tell things that he had kept inside for so long. They both wanted the approval of the other and each felt driven, to free themselves of the secrets they had held inside for so long.

By the end of the evening Mary was feeling she might be falling in love with this man! This was just feeling so right, so good. Yet she was afraid, he may not feel the same about her. She silently prayed he did.

Lynn Dakota


Barry Eva and Lynn Dakota 2002