This is a story of 3 parts, written with a friend
Lynn Dakota about a relationship, from two different sides.
It first appeared written by us at

It was another Saturday night, and the words of the old song, “Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody” kept running round his head. Yes another Saturday with the crowd, another night watching his friends enjoy themselves, some with their own girl friends others finding girls, if not for the future, at least for the night. And a few like himself, just being there on the edge of the scene, watching, and waiting, hoping that tonight would be that special night.

The music filled the air; flashing colored lights lit the dance floor, like a Roman arena. Gladiators of both sexes paraded their stuff trying to catch the eye of a special person. The bar heaved with the mass of people trying to be served the drinks to fuel the night activities.

Laughing with his friends, his eyes continued to roam the floor, seeing faces he knew ones he would like to know, and a few he did not want to know.

Laughter rose and dwindled with the music, and the minutes passed, until it was time for the final grab, the rush to find company and perhaps the promise of a night of bliss. The first slow record started and the numbers dwindled round his table. He had thought about asking one girl he knew, but as he looked for her, he noticed she was other wise engaged in one of the corner booths.

He turned and sipped his drink, not noticing at first a soft touch on his shoulder. He looked up, and was lost in the brightest pair of blue eyes he had ever seen, they seemed to sparkle, yet under there was something underneath that was not quite right.

A soft voice woke him from his trip into blue heaven.

“Sorry” she said, and he tried to smile “Just noticed you had dropped your coat from the back of your chair”
He looked round and picked up a coat which was not even his, and placed it back on the chair.
GO ON YOU FOOL!! A voice hammered round his head.
He tried to force a smile, well smile at any rate

“Thank You” She smiled at him, and his heart turned to a rubber ball, and started bouncing round his chest, he started to stand up, almost knocking over the table in his haste. She looked at him, with a strange look, and then smiled that smile again, and before he could ask, she had taken his hand and led him onto the dance floor. As the music started to float across them, she melted into his arms, like they had been made just to hold her, his feet did not touch the ground, but they danced, and danced. Time did not matter, no words needed to be said. They moved as if they had known each other all their life’s, they were one with the music, one with each other.


She noticed him, as he walked in with friends. She watched them find a table. Noticed, him searching the room, as if in search of someone who was meant to be there. He was handsome, but it was more the masculine attitude that attracted her to him. The body language, the familiar air to his body. Though she had never met him before. Something inside her stirred, the look on his face of loneliness. The same look, planted in her heart. Ripping, with each passing slow song, leaving her more desperate, hungry for familiar arms of a man wrapped around her and caressing her body. How well she knew these feelings, this face that often stared back at her in the mirror. The flashing rhythm and cold blinding lights sheared her and she felt a pang of disgust, for her weakness with men. Still, she needed them and desired all the sexuality and comforts they appeased her with. Yearning for the one…. feeling this may be him. She decided to risk the chance of being turned down and apply the sensual makeup to attract, like a wounded animal…panther.

The plan of action, walk up slip a jacket to the floor, grabbing the attention fast and softly. Be the gentle kitten and the desired animal. He must be off guard and anxious. To reach out, take his hand; lead him to her court of play.

The crowd closed in as she slowly approached him. She moved closer and noticed the others leaving the table, one by one.. to dance in their own worlds of erotic desires, thankful for the ease of her hunt. Her plan was working wonderfully and he was even more arousing closer up, then she had envisioned from afar and this put a thrill to the hunt. She spoke and he seemed dazed and dripping with an emotional amazement almost knocking over the table to stand. She smiled, taking his hand. She led him to the dance floor, feeling the smooth comfort to his arms, they were locked and notes on the page with sweet music, as if they were the song, composed.

Lynn Dakota

Barry Eva and Lynn Dakota 2002