This is a story of 3 parts, written with a friend
Lynn Dakota about a relationship, from two different sides.
It first appeared written by us at

The music slowly died, but he did not want to let her go, he could feel her softness against him, the male body not being able to hide his desire. She must know he thought, yet still she pressed against him, as the lights came up and people started to go.

At last they parted though hands and finger tips seemed glued to each other.

"Can I take you home" he at last stumbled

She smiled that smile again, and his heart flipped, "I thought you'd never ask" she said with a gentle laugh.

They made their way to his car, and some time, after lips had sought, and tasted, they drove to where she lived. He found he could talk to her, his tounge tied original feelings disappearing as he followed her directions to where she lived. Like him she had her own flat, a small place over the other side of town.

Her name was Angela, or rather he thought Angel, for each time he looked at her he though he was in heaven. She smiled, and laughed with him, and her eyes seemed to sparkle in each passing lamp light.

Eventually they pulled in to where he flat was located. He lent over to kiss her, and she pulled away. "Oh Know!" he thought, not now, not this time, not when he thought he had found that special one.

But he feelings were quickly changed, when she took his hand, and said, "Not out here, let's go in ....." the words lingered on her lips, and his heart and body leapt.

He entered her small flat, not that unlike his, except this one was obviously a females, that little extra taste, and neatness. That gentle softness, that he had felt as they danced.

"Take your coat of, and sit down, put some music on if you like, I need to put the kettle on, and change"

As she disappeared he looked round and found the stereo system, with the pile of cd's next to it. Thumbing his way through the pile, he was emazed at the wide choice of music, much he thought like his own. At last he came to one CD he knew to well, many nights he had lost himself in the deep meaning full words of the songs. He turned on the system, and the soft music started to flow from the speakers.

A soft voice sounded form the doorway, "How did you know" she started to say, and then it seemed she stopped unable to go on.

He stopped to, looking at the vision of loveliness that was standing in the doorway. She wore a silk type robe that came down to the floor, the shimmering colors seemed to change with every move, and the kitchen light behind her, left not a lot to the imagination as outlined her.

He stood there mouth open, as she came and melted once more into his arms. They moved to the music, until suddenly she turned, and led him into the kitchen. There she stopped and turned the kettle off, before kissing him on the lips, and leading him into the bedroom.

Standing before him, she undid the gown, and he watched as it slid to the floor, smoothness of the gown, revealing the smoothness of her skin, glowing in the soft light that came from a small globe on the table.

She reached for him, and helped his rushed fingers remove his own clothes, gasping as the last item left him.

"Is that for me" she said chuckling..

The moon touched the sleeping partners, many hours later. And he stirred, still unable to believe what had gone on before. They had been like nothing he had ever known before, their bodies meeting as if made for each other. The hours had spend giving joy to each other, they had been as one, soft and then like wild animals, before once again, tender. Wanting giving, loving, until they had fallen asleep looked in each others arms.

His body sweetly aching from the night before, lips gently bruised, he looked at her body lying there in the love tussled bed clothes. One arm thrown across him, soft silver moon light reflecting on her face. He looked and knew, this was something special, this was what he was on this earth for.

This was love.


She clung to him as the music came to a close, not wanting to let go of him. She could feel his maleness against her and knew he wanted her too. Holding each other tightly, they continued to move to the sounds of the staff cleaning the room.

Finally when they could stay no longer, he asked to take her home. Excitement growing as they would stop and kiss on their way to his car. Stopping completely for long breathless kisses, and then continuing on. As they reached the car, he asked, “Where to, my lady?”

His name was Andrew. He was strong, muscular, enticing, with dark brown hair and black eyes. Eyes that made a woman melt, like butter to look in them. She felt like they could see right through her and read her mind. He was like no one she had ever met before, or felt she ever would again. They pulled in front of her place and he leaned to kiss her. Afraid he was just saying good night , she pulled away. Taking him by the hand, she led him into her apartment. Her place was small, but homely, perhaps a little female for a man to be comfortable in, but she had lots music cd’s and movies. Most had been gifts from former boyfriends, so there was a wide variety.

She asked him to put some music on as she put on the kettle and slipped into something a bit more comfortable. A few minutes later, she was delighted and surprised to hear his choice of music, was one of her favorites. Walking to the doorway to ask him, how he knew. Looking up at her, he seem to freeze, taking her into those beautiful black eyes. Inviting her, desiring her with his stare. Making her body wet, with carving and aching for his touch. Floating to his arms, they danced slowly, till she could stand it no more and taking his hand, led him to her kitchen to turn off the kettle then to her bed.

Wanting to keep him totally absorbed in her, she slowly removed her robe, letting it fall softly to the floor. Reaching for him she slowly helped remove his clothes, kissing and fondling as they did. Noticing his throbbing passion, sweetly asking, “Is this for me?” Smiling and toying with him, like a kitten. Hours of passion, like she had never felt before, bodies twisting and exploring with urgency and desperation. First slow and passionate, then wild with a vengeance, and hungry... unable to get enough of each other. Exhausted, falling asleep….happy.

Lynn Dakota

Barry Eva and Lynn Dakota 2002